Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More Than Beauty | A Bikeride Through The Countryside!

Hello everyone!
Yesterdays post was meant to be a 'Face Of The Day' but I wasn't in to blog and I haven't worn any makeup in a week because of the hot weather. So in a few days time I'll pop up that post, but for now I've decided to do another 'More Than Beauty ' post!

Summer is all about getting out and about. I prefer to go out and about when the sun starts going down and the weather gets a bit cooler. I'm sitting out in the garden now actually, writing a few blog posts, and I'm absolutely boiling!

As the weather is beautiful, me and dad decided to go on a bikeride. I love going on bike rides and although I complain that there's nowhere to go in the city I live in, there's actually many places to bike to. We decided to go to a place called 'Castor' which is about 5/6 miles from where I live. We biked through a place called 'Ferry Meadows' which is a summer hotspot to sit and picnic in. We saw a few 'plane gliders' with people on them and there were a few people having picnic's and fishing too.

We left at about 6.30pm and got home at 9.40pm so I suppose from home to Castor took around an hour and a half, maybe?
I've never actually biked to Castor before, so it was new for me and I always love going to new places. Castor is a really pretty place with 2 small shops and plenty of pubs! There's no hustle and bustle like there is where I live so it was a bit different!

When we arrived at Castor we saw a beautiful house which is pictured above. It was such a big house and when I saw it, I was instantly jealous! 

In Castor, we saw plenty of animals in the fields. Near the big house, I saw some cows grazing on the grass and as we biked back through Castor, there were some adorable lambs in a small field, also grazing on the grass! I'm so glad I managed to get a few pictures!

Then, when we biked through Castor, the way we came, we ended up back in Ferry Meadows. We went the normal way home, the way that we usually walk the dog. On the way back there were horses in the field so I managed to take some snaps of them, too!
When we were biking through Ferry Meadows to get home, it was 9pm. The sun was going down and it was like a huge orange ball. The suns massive! I managed to get pictures of each time it went down so that was handy - the pictures look beautiful!

I had a really good evening and when this post goes up, I'm actually on a bikeride along the River! I hope you enjoyed this post, I love sharing my days out with you all!

I hope you're all enjoying the hot weather and ice creams!
Speak to you all soon,
Zofia xo


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Zofia xo

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