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More Than Beauty | A Day In London: The Shard

 Hello there gorgeous!
Today, I'm in the mood for a ramble. So it's a lifestyle post type of day!
Late August I went to London *yay for London!* and me and Dad visited The Shard. I'm so not a big fan of heights - I get dizzy climbing the stairs! But, I was fine on the London Eye and I was perfectly fine on this, thankfully.

We arrived at the Shard around 10.30 which was the time of our viewing, the staff are so lovely and there's a lot of them on the main floor! We got our bags checked, photos taken etc just before we went up.
After we got our bags checked, we went straight into the lift which takes around 10 seconds from floor 1 to floor 68 - crazy! On floor 68 is the first viewing platform, but it's enclosed. You feel no rain, no wind, no nothing - it's like standing in your bedroom window but 68 floors in the air!
I loved the view but on the day I went it was misty which was a shame but we're going on a sunny day again anyway. I got plenty of photos so I'm happy with that.

There was a lot of room to walk round, very calm and very thought out.

After spending around 40 minutes on floor 68, we headed up the stairs to floor 72, which is the open air one. It's partly open air and you do feel some wind, rain and the heat if the sun is out. Luckily it stopped showering when I went up there so it was only slightly breezy not cold, not hot, not rainy. This is obviously higher up than 68 so it was a bit more misty than the below floor but luckily, the mist started to clear and I managed to get some clearer pictures. 

On The Shard you see all the views such as The Wash at the North Sea (about 1 hour and a half from my house!) you see the Gherkin and all the big buildings near there. You should see Canary Wharf and the London Eye (which I could slightly see) and you can see other landmarks like Buck Palace and the Tower Of London. I seriously recommend visiting the Shard as it's actually quite inexpensive (£40 for me and Dad) and you have as long as you like up there. The photo possibilities are endless and ofcourse, you can be a tourist for the day and have a brilliant experience. 


After the Shard, we obviously stayed in London as it was only 12.30pm and we had plenty of other things to do. We walked along the Southbank which I've never actually done, I usually walk along the Embankment (near the London Eye) but never walk past the Southbank. We passed the ITV Studios, they had a few stalls and they also had a little 'Beano magazine' exhibition on too, which my Dad loved from his younger days! Haha.

After the Shard it rained all afternoon. It stopped about 6pm but my feet were wet all day. I luckily had my umbrella so I was ok!
We visited Kensington Palace and had a cuppa with Kate;-), we visited the Orangery at the palace too which was great, so many beautiful flowers are there!
After that we got the bus outside and went past Hyde Park, Green Park and into a very rainy Oxford Street. I didn't actually make any purchases in London so I skipped Oxford Street for the first time ever!

After that we just strolled about, we went into Hamleys and didn't manage to see Dexter Koh of Big Brother fame, even though he was in the exact bit we were at the same time!
I've never been to Hamley's but it's great, my childhood came rushing back!
After Hamleys I was famished! so we went and had out very first Subway - very tasty I must say. I now have big cravings for Krispy Kremes and Subway - thanks London.

All in all, it was a brilliant day! In a few posts time I'll be sharing my London Zoo day out with you, which I attended the week after the Shard. I hope you enjoy these lifestyle posts, I love sharing my life with you all!


*if you're wondering, my top and blazer is from Primark, my necklace was a gift and my bracelet is from BHS but was a gift too. My very first OOTD!*

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