Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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Hello Bloggers, I'm Jess! 
I blog over at I am quite a new blogger but it's so fun and I wish i'd got into it a lot longer, I am always looking for other guest bloggers so if you're interested pop over to my blog! 
So a few nights ago I was looking for a guest blogger and Zofia messaged me saying she wanted to get involved so we decided to a post for each others blog- and I have just seen Zofia's guest post for my blog whilst writing this and it will totally put my post to shame but hey ho! 

I recently bought a lip lacquer from Apocalips by Rimmel London and decided I would review it here- Although they are quite pricey at £7.00 when I bought it there was an offer to buy any other beauty product to get one of them half price so I did that, I was a bit unsure whether I would actually even wear it but I decided to take a risk, although it doesn't stay on very long when it does the colour is super vibrant and glossy and I really like the way it looks it's better than your average lipgloss and all the bright colours there is to try it in, I say go for it- I mean why not if you usually wear a nude tone mix it up with one of these if you don't want to go with a vibrant pink or red they also have nude colours but the gloss makes it look amazing, I bought the shade 402 Across the universe which is a bright red but I love wearing reds so when I tested it I decided it was the colour for me. The brush makes it really easy to apply and gives it a good coating and as I mentioned earlier on in the post it does come off quite quickly (we are talking 15-20 mins. but what lipgloss really stays on for long hey?) but it's no problem to reapply and definitely worth it I was happy with the results and the great thing about all the different shades is that you can wear them anywhere but I'll be wearing mine everytime I get a chance- maybe not to work though? I do not think they would appreciate bright red lips and it would totally clash with the sainsburys uniform- yucky purple and orange! I would overall rate this product 3.5/5 it would of got a higher rating it stayed on for longer. 

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  1. I have been planning to buy this for ages! Might give it a miss though if it doesnt have great staying power! Thanks for such a great review :)

    Lorraine x


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