Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tesco; Wake Up! Review

3 for £2!

This is so fruity!

A perfect summer smell!

Mmm! My favourite!
Omg! These are just a few of the best things Ive bought this summer! I lovelovelove these!
Im so easily pleased arnt I, haha.
These are from Tesco. £1 each or 3 for the price of 2. So I spend £2 on 3 of these and I didnt get the Mango&Coconut and the TeaTree&Mint, which I will get next time so I have the whole set. 
These are lovely! I was strolling round the wet wipes section in Tesco and came across these, they're so lovely scented and perfect for a Summer freshen up!
My favourite one is the Lemon one. Purely because it reminds me of Fruit Polo's and just because its really fresh. I love them all but the Lime one is very exact to the Lemon but less strong and the Raspberry&Pomegranate one is very sickly and I wont use that as much. 
Ive only tried the lemon one to judge them but its the right consistency and isnt too thick but its very fresh and lathers better than the orange&satsuma Superdrug one I got for cheaper. Im really into shower gels at the moment, so Im buying them all! 
Out of the Superdrug one and these three.. these win my vote.. but I like them both all the same. Lovely and fruity.. mm!
Have you tried any?
Lots of love..

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