Friday, 10 August 2012

Nails This Week!

My nails this week!

For the look I used;
MUA £1 nailpolish shade16
NYC glitter polish in lights-camera-glitter £1.75
LA colors nail polish in Energy Source 99p

I love glitter!

What I used to create them, including clear coat, this added a shine

Finished look!
Hey! Ive used my MUA nail polish to create a really pretty, summery, girly look and I love it! 
So ill explain how I created them, its not too difficult and ill explain what I like/dislike etc..the usual!
I used MUA nail polish that I bought the other day, this is shade 16 and its such a lovely bubblegum color which actually matches my Nicki Minaj MAC lipstick! It applies so well, and makes my nails look long for some reason?! I really like it, like I said in the haul post, its worth every penny in the pound! Im defo going to buy again!
Moving on to my ring finger; ive never really done a different color for this finger but ive seen it as a bit of a trend recently and it takes some getting used to but its pretty. I applied my LA colors nail polish shown above which I like, 2 coats gives a lovely,thick white. Worth the money too. I then applied the glitter nail polish on the top which adds some bling/glitz to the pink/white which looks amazing! I added a clear coat to the top of the nails to make the glitter shiny and to make the pink really shiny too. Definitely would do this look again!
What nails do you have this week?
Lots of love..

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