Sunday, 12 August 2012

Soap&Glory Clean On Me Review

I love the product packaging!

Clean on me..

The pump is really handy.
Hi guys! So, ive found something to post! Ive been a bit quiet on here lately, just because ive been on YouTube etc.
This is a product ive been using recently, so I thought I would just review it.
I like the way it has a pump, so you get the right amount out, not just pouring it on. I like the fact its bottle/container whatever its called, is a big quantity for the price.. available at boots - - its £5.50 so I think this is an amazing price although I got it in the £60 box.
I love the smell! Its typical Soap&Glory infused and I just love it! If someone said 'what does it smell like?' I couldn't actually explain because Soap & Glory has that certain smell?! Im weird..
It says its made with Mandarin peel extract but, doesn't say what else.. 
Its very creamy and lathers on the body well.
I apply it to the body with a flannel or a net and rub in well. I can still smell it on my body when I get out and apply Soap&Glory moisturizer!
Theres nothing that I dont like, its great for price and great for everyday use!
Just thought I would tell you what I thought of it, since ive been using it.
Lots of love..

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