Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Nails This Week - NYC Review!

This will be so hard to explain hahaha!
Okay so, you all know I bought this when I went to Stamford and on Thursday night I finally tried it out and used it for this weeks nails.
Its a pinky nude color and its quite hard for me to explain the shade because its not a tan/brown nude its more of a peachy pink nude.
Its very light once you first apply it, but if you do two coats its quite clear to see the shade. I applied black polka dots which really defined the color and brought it out. 
I didnt have many colors like this, so I decided to buy it and see how nude colors suited me. I think they look really nice and this shade is still summery although its not very bright.
This is the OhSohoSweet shade from NYC color which I love their nail polish brands.. and they're only £1.99! (I love a bargain).
It dries really quickly and is lovely and shiny without a clear coat - I didnt add one.
Its lovely and suits everything because its nude.
Definately buy again!
Lots of love..

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