Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nail Wheel Purchase

Last post of today I think.. its 4.45am! ...zzz....
So I ordered these about a week ago from Ebay. Ive been wanting some of these for ages because as you might have seen from Nails Of The Week videos and blog posts, I love to decorate my nails in a classy but pretty way without going overboard.
So I asked dad to buy me these seeing as they were very cheap and cheaper than what I thought they would be.. and simply because Ive been wanting to try them for a while.
I havent done any designs yet, but im saving them for a rainy day! Im always bored so it'll keep me busy.
Ill post pictures of completed ones, if anyone wants to see.
These are from Ebay and cost £1.48 for 10 in a pack. We ordered 3 packs because dad didnt realise how many you got in 1 hahaha. 
Just thought I would show you all!
Lots of love..

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