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Ways to have Eyemakeup in the Summer.

Ways to have Eyemakeup in the Summer.

Okay so I was scanning about on Polyvore again, I havent been on in ages and I love creating things that match on there, you can follow me here - and I do follow back and stuff.
So, I thought I would just do a little post on ways that you could do summer eye makeup. I love summer for all the greens, blues, yellow's, bright colors etc to be worn. Greens/blues suit my eyes/skin color if they're worn in the right ways. So, im just going to go through the best/worst things to do with eye makeup in the summer! I hope you enjoy this post as, I havent posted in a few days.
  • Dont opt for big eyes, big lips. You can wear your makeup in any way you want but one of the rules I hate seeing girls do is have big, drama filled lips and their eyes are shimmery, glittery and really highlighted. It takes away the definition of your face and looks really overdone. I make this mistake a lot, I admit.. but if you like following beauty rules, follow this one especially!
  • Next one, I think that you should add some dark navys and some blacks but, dont overdo it..  its summer so be bold&bright not bold&dark. I have the odd dark color added into my eyes for definition, but not dark eye makeup like black eyeshadow for a really charcoal/smoky look.
  • Its nice to have a bit of shimmer. I dont like having a really glittery face but having a bit of dazzle dust or something added to your lid/crease can look really pretty in the summer, Im starting to like shimmery shadows, if they're not overdone.
  • So moving on.. simple.. dont over do it! Ive said this in the past 3, its a big rule. Summer is all about fun colors, fun looks and things but having big blue eyemakeup and silvery glittery eyeliner really doesnt define your looks and make you stand out for good reasons.. If you're going for blue eyes then go for it, just make sure the right shade of blue matches hair/skin and eye color and the rest of the makeup you're going for!
  • Golds and silvers can be really nice for the eyes, light silvers of course, its summer! I suggest wearing silvers and golds with a nice winged eyeliner or something for the evening, daytime might look a little dark, but really it is up to you!
  • So, they're just a few little hints&tips I use.. I am NOT a pro like I say a lot but my blog is all about what I like to use and I hope it helps you. 



  1. Love your tips! very informative!


  2. woaah these eyes are gorgeous! btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow or just leave a comment? would love to hear from you :)x

  3. awh thankyou so much! these eyes arnt mine, they're from Polyvore! Although, they are gorgeous:O I followed, I follow everyone back! Thankyou for following me, means a lot.. xxxx


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