Sunday, 19 August 2012

Superdrug Orange&Satsuma Shower Gel Review

the swatch of it. its very thick.

I like the lid... 
I used this flannel, to apply.

Although it was 89p, the packaging is really nice.

Hey everyone! So I havent posted in a while (again) but, I always save my posts up to post in one so then you lot have a good read instead of doing one daily, I think its best to wait a while and post them whenever. 
So, you all know I bought this last week at Stamford, I still need to do a YouTube video which im lagging on, but, its coming soon! Im trying haha.
This was 89p from Superdrug.I didnt expect it to be anything special or strong scented but woah, its great!
I love the lid, purely because it keeps it clean (although this doesnt work for me, im clumsy). It has a rubber tip where the gel will come out of, instead of directly out of the bottle. 
I really like the color of it, it looks very strong scented just by looking at it. 
I squirted the same amount on my hand at first onto a flannel, a damp one, and lathered it into my skin, I then added a lot more and rubbed it in. Its not amazingly thick and soapy on the skin, but you can smell it a little afterwards. Its not amazing but for 89p its better than some £2+ items!!
I really like it and would buy it again, maybe I just needed a better cloth and added more.. but I 100% recommend and would buy again! It looks like it would last long too.
Lots of love..

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