Friday, 10 August 2012

MUA Mini Haul!

Products with their applicators.
swatches. L-R..
MUA lipstick in shade13 £1,
MUA nail polish in shade 16, £1.
MUA eyeliner in shade 5, £1.
MUA lipgloss in shade 3, £1.

The products  I bought.

Hello! So, I know my blog looks a little different with layout and stuff and how pictures are set out, this is because im just changing it about a bit, I think this looks a bit better than how pictures were cluttered together before, so bare with me! 
Ive not posted in a while, simply because there wasnt much to post about, but, I have been on YouTube a lot so, Ill be posting a lot more on here soon.. I just havent been shopping!
But, Ive got a little haul for you, just an MUA one!
So I had £4 to spend, I got a little bit of money off dad, just because I helped him do something haha!
I thought 'Ill get something worth it from MUA!' as I always know if i have £1+ of spare cash, its always nice to get quality and to get something to add to the collection.
I bought these shown above which are all £1 and include; 
MUA lipstick in shade13 £1, 
MUA nail polish in shade 16, £1.
MUA eyeliner in shade 5, £1.
MUA lipgloss in shade 3, £1

My favourite thing that I bought is them all! But I especially LOVE the lipstick! Ive been looking for a shade like this for aaaages and I didnt know MUA did a nice shade like this because on the internet its a dark red?! So go in store to look and not online!!
Its a lot like a MAC shade I wanted & saw but didnt want to pay the £14 price tag.. so Ive saved £13 by just waiting to go into Superdrug. I really think MUA are worth the money and exactly like top brands.
Anyway, moving on to explain.
Starting off with the lipgloss; I think this is a great product for £1. Its great just to have some shimmer on the lips. I dont think its mega pigmented or a big burst of color but, you can tell you have a nice shade on the lips. Ever used glossy tubes lipgloss? Ones that squeeze out of the tube without an applicator? Well its a little like that, because the glossy tubes I have are very shimmery and very transparent. Im not overly keen about the smell, its sickly and vanilla smelling. Some of you might love this and think 'mmmm!' personally I dont like vanilla scent but you might so thats a personal opinion! Overall though, I would buy other shades (the other 5) which only comes to £6.. amazing in my opinion! 
Moving on to the eyeliner; Not much to say about this really! But, I think its a well designed product. Youv might read this and think 'what? its just an eyeliner:s?' but the applicator is amazing! Ive always been used to a thick liquid eyeliner brush that dries out easily and doesnt really look nice. This is such a dark black and looks pigmented on, normally eyeliner goes dry on me and goes a grey color, but I love this and the applicator is lovely and thin and I tried doing a winged look for the first time and successfully done it, just because the applicator is perfect! Definately buy this again, maybe in another color to!? (just not the green!)
Next one; The nail polish. 3 words.. oh my god. I LOVE this! I have 3 other MUA nail polishes (all the £1 ones) and ive liked them, they're pretty but this one.. I want 50 of them hahaha! * exaggerates*. Purely because the color is to die for and its so barbie/pink/girly/bubblegum and with a clear coat looks amazing and so shiny.. mum also has this on and she loves it, we've been looking for a shade like this for ages, during the summer, and we finally found it and she loves it saying it suits long/short nails for any outfit. I agree with this! And, looks good for the sun! I added a bit of glitter on a white nail polish (as you can see) on my ring finger.. the white and the pink go sooo well! Seriously, £1, i recommend you to buy this! 
Everything that I bought, I would 100% buy again! For £4.. how can you go wrong?
I hope you like new layout of photos and stuff, I think it looks neater so yeah.. 
And, I hope you enjoyed this post too!
Lots of love..

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