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July Favourites

My July favourites, this months gone super fast!

The No7 primer swatch.

Great for the price..

The first left color..

..second one left - the last one..
Hello! ..again!
So this post is about my July favourites. I recorded this video and re-recorded this video on YouTube earlier in the week, so the video is done but I thought I would add a post to here telling you all my favourites too. I like to add to both.
My July faves consist of things I use in summer or have recently been using.
My summer faves consist of;

  • LA colors palette. This is from Beauty Base in Westfield-Shepards Bush. It was 98p I think, but dont take my word for it.. I got it a while back! As you can see from the swatches, its really pigmented and for near £1 people might look and think 'its cheap, its rubbish' but looking at the swatches, I hope its changed your mind because although its cheap, its still really good. I would use this a lot in the sunny/warm weather because its bronzy shades would really suit the sun and they're very shimmery so its a bonus. It come with an applicator which really pacts on the color. Then, using a blending brush, you could really achieve a nice summery, daytime, smoky look using light/dark bronzes.
  • My next fave is the Cats Eyes Colossal mascara from Maybelline. I love this and love the applicator. As I said on my YouTube video, it really curls the lashes without an eyelash curler (which Ive never used and never plan to). Its lasted a long while, had it since Christmas 2011. I think its great for the summer because it defines eyes and sets fast so its not liquid form when you're out and about. I love the packaging. I use this alot and its always applied on me so I would totally buy again.. I love all Maybelline mascaras. This was about £8.
  • No7 shine free primer is the next one. Im mixed opinioned on this because its good, keeps me matte for like 30 mins and then i get oily, I prefer to use loose powder now, but I might try using loose powder with this as I havent yet. I like this, thats why its in my faves but sometimes it can leave white lines if it not blended enough. This can happen when it dries on the face too. Id only get this again if I got the no7 vouchers, like how I purchased it before. Its good for summer as it should keep most people matt and not oily skinned. Its £11 to buy.
  • Next is Next's Just Pink lipbalm. Ive used half of this since Christmas 2012, an old friend got me it and I really like it. It came with the rollerball Just Pink perfume and it smells lovely. I dont know how much this is and should be in there winter time, unless they stock it all year. Its good to keep lips moist and is a good alternative to heavy lipstick or a thick lipgloss.
  • Ive already reviewed the So...? Brit spray before so, Im not really going to go on about it because its a bit boring to keep repeating. But, I love this because its good for out-and-about to keep fresh. Its also really fresh&fruity and i would buy it again! £1 from Boots, Tesco etc.
  • Garnier Fructis! This is great. I got this a few weeks back and use it for every wash. It keeps my hair going until it gets oily (which is really fast, every other day) and it smells a bit apples.. but its really good and keeps hair shiny so Im not moaning about the smell! It didnt make my hair glossy or anything but it did make straightening easy, seeing as this takes a while.. Id probably buy this again, after a few weeks. (I dont like buildup!)
  • Last one.. best till last! I love this! If I didnt like saving things and keeping things for ages, this would be gone within 2 weeks! Its amazing, the smells amazing, the consistency is amazing.. just.. amazing! Beauty Base is where I got it, I think it was 98p and I said this on Youtube but looking back, I think it was £1.75.. I really cant remember. But, under running water it foams up so fast and you can smell it really well too. Its good as a shower gel or just to apply to skin in the bath. You can smell it afterwards on your skin too, I just LOVE the coconut smell of it! Definately going to buy this again. (Daaaaaad! *angel face*)
So yeah, they're my July favourites and I cant believe how fast this year is going. Only seems like last month it was snowing and I was getting the Christmas tree ready! I feel so old haha!
What things did you like in July?! Post below if you like, id love to know!
Lots of love..

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