Monday, 24 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Miss Prada & Thankyou's!

Hello, everyone!
I know this post is a week late, but I wanted to do a thankyou post anyway, so I might aswell do it!
I had my 1 year blogger/YT birthday last week, 18th June, and I can't be more thankful. I've obviously been on here one year now and I never thought I'd have 1 month, let alone 1 year! I just wanted to thank you all for being so kind with any comments you've left and for following my blog/subbing on youtube. It's not all about the subs/followers but it makes my day when I see the numbers go up - it means that all my effort pays off and it means that I'm doing something right! I can't thank you enough, though. Everyday when I blog or make videos, I feel like I'm doing something I truly love. I feel like, now, I actually have a hobby. Before, I started being homeschooled, it wasn't fabulous so I needed something to focus on and actually do something I wanted. I watched many videos and wanted to do my own little channel, I decided to take the plunge and make them - such a good decision! My days are filled with doing videos and blogging now and I feel proud to say 'in my spare time, i have a beauty blog' just because I get to talk about the things I truly love.

I really want to be a makeup artist and the past year 1/2 has been focusing on that. I really want to do makeup - it's something I'd love to do and something that follows on from blogging. 
Like I said, I can't thankyou enough for lovely comments, watching my videos and things like that. I'm near to 100 followers and I have just over 100 on Youtube.
In the coming months, I have many ideas on posts and videos I want to do. I hope you all stay with me and grow with me through my blogging journey! I hope you enjoy all upcoming posts and always remember to request the things you love. In the very, very near future I'm going to be incorporating lifestyle and food with my blog a lot more, because they're the things I also love.

Many thanks - it seriously means a lot. 
Here's to another year..
Zofia xxx

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