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Stila Lip Glaze Review

Black cherry, Sugar plum, jack frost, splendor, jolly, holly, joy, jingle.

Hello beautifuls, I'm here to brighten up your Monday evening! I hope you've all had a brilliant day!
| First Impressions | 

I've decided to do a review on a Stila set I received mooooonths ago. I got them for Christmas and to be quite honest, I've only used them the odd few times! Up until I decided to do this post I didn't bother using them and they've been put away in an appropriate drawer, unused. So, I decided to use them and when I managed to get a good idea about them and decide on an opinion, I thought I'd do this post to let you all know!
Before I saw these in a Boots catalogue last year, I was never interested in 'Stila' the only time the brand has caught my eye is when someone mentioned that they had a few odd bits in Poundland - which I never saw.. but until these beauties caught my eye, I never wanted any of their items and I didn't know of the brand!
So I saw the pretty colours and popped them on my Christmas list. I thought £15 was a bit steep but considering the amount of lipglosses in the set I thought it was a good bargain. I really liked the Christmassy theme aswell - have you noticed the shade names!? 
When I finally unwrapped them at Christmas I was pretty pleased. They came in a card textured box with a see through window on the front - this gave me easy access to see the shades and the lipglosses before purchasing if I needed to which was good! 

| What Do I Think Of The Actual Lipglosses? |

These lipglosses are ones that 'wind up'. You twist the bottom and product comes out the lipbrush at the top. I really like the fact they're like this because they're good for on the go. I never go without a lipbrush now a days so I like these lipglosses because they're 2 in 1! I like the shade range because they're pinks/purples with the odd sheer colour and the odd shimmer put in but the shades impressed me!
To be truthful, glaze is the word to sum these up. They're not powerful colours so if you're the type of person that wears Ruby Woo or Viva Glam Nicki every moment of the day, you might not like these just because you don't get much colour out of them and they're not so pigmented. They simply glaze your lips and add a sheer colour to them. I think the brightest one is Black cherry. 
I think the question with lipgloss always has to be 'are they sticky?' yes. Yes, these are! I seriously don't mind with these! I feel like they're thick so they don't glide on the lips and add a sticky texture, I feel like these are like a lipstain with a liquidy feel? It's so difficult to explain but I don't think these are 'annoying sticky' you just know that they're there!
The only problems I've had with these is that they take a while to appear. Meaning, I twist the part you're meant to, to get the product to the surface and it doesn't. I twist and twist and nothing appears and then you stop and a lot of product comes and that wasn't the aim! I do really like these though and I had SUCH a bargain because I paid £15 for these and 1 lipglaze is that price!
They do last a reasonable amount of time on the lips too, although they disappear with drink/food, which I think most glosses do anyway!

| Would I buy again? |

I really would love to. I don't think I'd buy one lipgloss for £15 but I'd buy more sets. I like how they do sets for around £12 so that's brilliant, I'd definately do that. I'd like a different shade range to try, too. They do spring and autumn sets which are very pretty! 

I'm really happy with these and I'm going to start using them a lot more. I hope you enjoyed this post - any questions, please ask and I'll try and help!

What's your favourite shade?
Lots of love! Zofia x 


  1. I really like the look of Sugar Plum. Never tried Stila lip products before though! :)

  2. Sugar plum is a pretty shade!:-)xo


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