Wednesday, 26 June 2013

NOTW | LA Colors | Fiji Purple

Hello everyone, midweek - finally!
Wednesdays are usually boring so I'm glad I have a blogpost to write, I always love nail posts!

This week, I have on another LA Colors nail paint. I bloomin' love these polishes and luckily, I'm in London on Saturday so the first tube I'll be getting from Kings Cross, is Shepards Bush..
This is a colour that I hardly wear anymore. I hardly wear pink on my nails to be honest, I like bright blues, greens and yellows! But, this is an acception! 

This shade, to me, is a pinky/purple type shade - very good for summer and brighter than I thought! It's a basic pink and it's very pretty on long or short nails!
As always, this nail polish applied perfectly well and took a while to chip. LA color polishes are perfect and I  can't wait to buy some more!

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