Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ideas For Valentines | Dresses | Lady In Red

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1 - 3 Celeb Boutique
4 - 
5 -
6 - Topshop 
7 -
Hello girls! Happy Valentines.
Today I'm doing a post on Valentines outfits, I've kept to a red theme and as you can tell, all dresses are totally different. I have kept to a glam theme as these dresses are the type of dresses I like... We all have different dress sense and so not all of you will like these dresses. 

Celeb Boutique always have a great range of dresses, they are on the pricey side but you can wear them again and again considering they're great quality and they're a reputable company. I kept to a bodycon, red theme with these dresses although the second dress is a pretty, hot pink dress which looks like it's a nice fit. 

Ax Paris dresses are always my favourite and I always browse their site. I love this dress because it's long and the style is gorgeous. I like the detailing around the top. I think this would look nice on all ages.

Boohoo is a website I occasionally look at but I've never bought off! This dress is absolutely GORGEOUS and I'm considering buying it. I've seen loads of dresses of this style but this is the best one.. at £20 the design is perfect and would look great with some small heels. I like this dress the most.

Topshop This topshop dress is very young, I think this dress is aimed towards teens and would look great with some wedges and a shoulder bag. I think platform heels would look fab too.

Boohoo This dress is suited at bigger sizes, I like the style of it - it's aimed at any age I think, I even think an older lady would look nice in this with jeans and a jacket.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheryl Cole's Lipstick | Loreal Privee Range

Admit it girls, Cheryl Cole is one of the most beautiful celebrities out there. I like her music, some people may not.
When I saw this little beauty in my local Boots I knew I had to have it, I've never tried Loreal's makeup but now I actually have a bit of a collection of it. 

I've been wearing this lippie for work for the last few weeks. I love how smooth and soft it is to apply, I would definitely say it's MAC quality so if you like MAC lipsticks then definitely try this one - it also has a vanilla type scent to it too. 

When I first applied this it did take some time to apply smoothly to the lips although I think most lipsticks start like this. I wouldn't say this is a long lasting lipstick but I did apply mine with a lipbalm underneath so it was glossy instead of a satin finish. Normally with these type lipsticks they cling quite a bit and settle into fine lines but with this one it applied perfectly. It's seriously the 'perfect nude' and would look great with all skintones. 

I love the bullet, I think it looks more expensive than a MAC lipstick and I love the black and gold finish. A perfect, everyday lipstick. Well done Loreal, you have a new fan!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

What Scents Am I Lusting For? | Scent Wishlist #2

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Rihanna - Rogue // Black XS // Michael Kors - Sporty Citrus // Ralph Lauren - Big Pony 2 // Joop - Miss Wild // Gucci Guilty Black
Hiya girls! Today's post is going to be another fragrance wishlist. It's been a month and a bit since I done my last wishlist and over that time, I've smelled another 100 at work that I want and need, haha! These scents are completely different to my last wishlist, if you wanted to see what scents were featured on the last one, please feel free to have a browse on the sidebar just to your right. 

Rihanna - Rogue // This is a new scent from Rihanna and it's one of the newest of 2014. It's different to Nude, which was the last scent from Rihanna, but it's along the same lines of what goes into it - it's very sweet yet fruity. The bottle is completely different, the last bottles of Rihanna perfume came in long shape bottles - this is a square one... it's very bulky if you're going for a larger ml. 
Starts at 30ml - £22.50

Black XS // I never thought I'd like this but when I tested this for a customer it's exactly along the lines of what I like. Definitely a nighttime scent unless you like feeling brave - it's a very berry sweet, not a vanilla sweet. It's a very sensual fragrance. 
Starts at 30ml - £27.50

Michael Kors - Sporty Citrus // This was new later last year, I like all three of the Sporty, Sexy, Citrus range but the citrus one is my favourite out of them all. I love the bottle, very simple yet keeping with his gold theme - this would DEFINITELY be an everyday scent as it's super light and very spring like. 
Starts at 30ml for £37.50 

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony 2 // I liked this as soon as I smelled it, I like all the Big Pony fragrances but being a sweet lover this was more me. It's a very fruity scent, whereas other Big Ponies are citrus or floral. 
50ml - £36.99

Joop - Miss Wild // This is definitely along the same lines as Black XS - A very fruity, sweet, nighttime scent. The bottle and theme is also very different. 
30ml - £24.99

Gucci Guilty Black // I LOVE this! It's a very oriental, spicy, sweet scent - different to the other ones above. I always spray this soon as I get into work and out of Guilty and Guilty Black I definitely prefer this one. 
30ml - £39.50

*all price are correct at the time of posting. All information like prices are taken from

Monday, 27 January 2014

January Roundup | 2014

New phone case // Frosty mornings on the way to work // two new bangles // A trip to London means a London eye picture // Zofia has a new bag // I finally picked up my Naked palette // Oxford Street is a must // Dog walking in the winter is fun yet freezing // Sunsets are preparing me for summer. 
Hello beautiful! Today I'm giving you all a January roundup. For me, January has been a slow, yet good month. This month I've been thinking about Summer and the rest of the year and how I really want to achieve a lot of things. Being young means it's harder to achieve what you want I think, I have the money..I have the job..but I'm still only very young so I've been getting things into perspective.

This month, I've been abandoning my blog quite a bit I think, I've not been putting a lot of effort in and I've noticed this a lot. February means a big blog shake up and a rearrange. I'm going to take a lot of effort into blog posts, too. 

In January I visited London and picked up my Naked palette, this has been something I've wanted to do for ages as it's been all round the bloggersphere for ages it was a must. 
All in all, January was a good month and I enjoyed myself. Things have got off to a good start.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

How I'd Style | A Snood

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Another post for you tonight, I'm styling a snood from Topshop. I love the knit of this snood, I love the neutral colour too. I love these colors for winter, Spring also suits them very well.

I was having a browse on Next's website and came across this lovely coat. I thought it would go great with the neutral colours and is a good price for a good quality coat - £80. *link*
I also saw this jumper from Next, I thought it was really cute for winter and has intricate design. *link*

These trousers from Topshop look lovely, I've seen a lot of people wearing these style trousers and thought they'd break up the plain white a bit. 
For makeup, typical me, I had to add a lipstick! I love the nude shade of this a lot so I thought it would go great.


How I'd Style... Fur Boots

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Hello everyone, todays post is a little bit later than normal - this was meant to be posted earlier in the week but I didn't have the time to blog this week so I'm playing catch up!
End of January always seems like Spring for me but this year the snow is late so the pastel polish and floral tee's haven't appeared yet - I'm still wearing two pairs of tights and two tops under my work wear! 

Today's How To Style post is styling some fur boots - I don't have real UGG's I just stick with a cheaper pair until they ruin, but today's post features real UGG's. I decided to keep the outfit very girly, I love this collared top from New Look, I saw something similar in George the other week but it was a jumper dress - I need!
I love how the top matches these lighter shade jeggings from New Look - I've been looking for a lighter pair of bottom wear as they always go with cable knit jumpers or cardigans. This biker jacket from H&M looks perfect with the outfit too, I love biker jackets but they don't suit me! For makeup Topshop's 'Innocent' lipstick is my favourite at the moment.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fragrance Review | 212 VIP

Hello girls, welcome to my first fragrance review!
Even though I work in a Perfume Shop I still find it hard to pin point and describe scents. I obviously know what goes into most scents and I'm good at smelling notes but sometimes I find some scents hard!

Obviously fragrance is very unique to each person so something I might find sweet you may find it fruity. 

With this fragrance, as it's a parfum it did actually last the whole day. I noticed the notes change through the day, too. I instantly smelled vanilla when I first sprayed this - definitely something I look for in a scent. Bergamont and bitter orange are the two notes you smell first - I could smell Bergamont. Top notes wear away in 5 or so minutes so I didn't smell these for long, they're quite strong at first but a few minutes in the top notes get subtler. Jasmine and Tuberose are next - I'm not sure I could identify these notes, I could still smell the top notes more. Next are Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood which I could smell all day - my perfect scent. I love musky, vanilla scents so I loved wearing this perfume. 
I would say this perfume is perfect for day or night, I wouldn't say it's too heavy but it's noiceable. 

Starts at £32.99 for a 30ml -


Friday, 17 January 2014

January Wishlist

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A new year, a new month, another wishlist..
I find January is always a month of product lusting. I very much appreciate my gifts but ofcourse, the things that I don't get I always like to purchase them during the new year period. 

Colossal Volum Express Smoky Mascara I always love Maybelline mascara's but I've never tried this one so I'll have to pick one up next time I'm in Boots!

Daisy Peplum I thought this would look super cute for spring - add some ankle boots maybe?

Naked 3 Palette I bought my Naked 2 palette last weekend so I'm on the Naked palette hype!

Color Sensational Pearl Lipstick I always love these shades for spring so I need to try this range.

Ax Paris Little Black Dress I've been eyeing this up for weeks - I've even seen it in store and it's gorgeous..


Thursday, 16 January 2014

2013 Favourites

Evening ladies! Sorry this post hasn't been up sooner, typical me I've been here there and everywhere..
I've finally decided to do my 2013 favourites, over the duration of last year I managed to use loads of new products and find so many everyday beauty products that I've loved. 

Lash Accelerator Endless This mascara works wonders, it doesn't make lashes clumpy or dry, it makes them longer and more natural looking if that's how you like it or build it up for volume. It's also really easy to take off.

W7 Brow Bar Brilliant! This comes everywhere with me. The shadows last all day and are brilliant on top of my Color Tattoo's. I use the pale color all over my eye then the light brown on my lid, dark brown in my crease and the black for a smoky liner. The dark brown also looks great in my brows. Perfect little quad!

Color Tattoo - On and Bronze Everyone and their dog has mentioned these little beauties and I'm not surprised - they work wonders. The price tag is great as is the product. These were my wonder for 2013 and certainly won't be left behind in 2014!

Natural Collection Shadow - Chocolate A perfect shadow for all over my lid. This eyeshadow isn't silky soft, neither is it the best you'll find on the highstreet but it works well for me and lasts all day - perfect for the price tag.

MUA Undressed Palette I've used this towards the last month or so of 2013 but it's definitely a favourite. I love the quality of the shadows and the looks you can create - it's a bargain.

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation I've used this everyday since autumn time and it hasn't let me down. My complexion ends up satin soft and it lasts quite a while on my oily skin too. Coverage is also good.

2True Bronzer, Superdrug Never thought I'd like this but I've reached for it everyday since summer. It's leaning towards an orange based bronzer more than a brown base bronzer but I like it even though. 

Kate 101 Lipstick The amount of times I've called this a 107 is unbelievably funny. It's the lighter pink shade that I've worn every single day - I will be repurchasing BUT Topshop's 'Innocent' is exactly the same.

Baby Lips Cherry Me I wasn't a lipbalm fan until these came out, now I'm obsessed! I wear this everyday under lipsticks. I HAVE to have this as a base!


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Something I'm Loving At The Moment | Body Shop Eyeshadow | 210

Hello lovelies! Today's post is on a product that I'm really loving at the moment. 
I always pop into The Body Shop to see what offers they have on or what vouchers I can use in store and a few months back I was looking to use my 50% off voucher and decided that another body butter wasn't going to cut it - so I popped over to the makeup stand and swatched the eyeshadows. I instantly fell in love with this little beauty - it was a shade I was looking for, for months!

The shade is Cocoa Bliss (210). It's a shimmery bronze shade but doesn't sit heavily or super shimmery on the eyes.. it's a perfect lid shade I think OR you can use it in your crease with a brown shade on the lid. I love this shade as it always looks pretty with 'On and Bronze' by Maybelline as a base, a dark, deep brown in the crease and this shade on the outer corners for a pretty shimmer. 
This shadow doesn't have much drop out so you can pack it on the lid or sweep across. 

I like the pan/packaging, it's quite a small shadow but it's lasted me quite long over the months considering I use it everyday. 
The eyeshadow is very smooth and pearly - not chalky at all but easily blendable. I always use this ontop of a cream shadow and it doesn't stick ontop of it it's still easily blendable with creams.
I'd love to try more shades and see what eye looks I can create. These shadows are priced at £7 but I got mine for £3.50 with a voucher.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

December Empties

Hello girls!
Empties time again and it's the first one of 2014! I was really good with empties and favourites last year, I managed to do one post for each month which is great. I'm definitely keeping things up this year as it's always good to look back and see what I loved/loathed/used through the months!

Baylis And Harding | Sweet Mandarin And Grapefruit | I love this! As you can tell I have a few sizes used up - my favourite one is the bottom bottle because it's a bath foam not a showergel so it's more foamy and lovely than the other two but all the same, I like them both - the scent is gorgeous!

Soft And Gentle Deoderant | Just an everyday favourite, I always use this one and it's just a basic I suppose!

Elemis Exfoliating Wash | Mixed opinions, this was okay to use, but I think it broke me out! 

Timotei Pure Shampoo | I enjoyed using this and I think my hair did too. It felt like it was stripping my hair, no matter how much I washed it. Definitely have to look into getting another bottle!


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas/Birthday Haul

Haul time! You girls know how much I love haul on here so I've decided to do a Christmas 2013 one. I turned 17 on Boxing Day so I suppose these presents are combined with my birthday ones this year. I didn't get as many beauty bits because I did actually get an iPhone5s in gold and as ASUS tab aswell so I would rather my gadgets this year instead of beauty bits because I can pop out and buy the beauty bits now as I have a job.

My friend sent me some lovely Lush bits and bobs which I can't wait to use, my favourite boxes have to be the Snow Fairy ones and the Out Of This World one. I love the smell of Snow Fairy, yum! 
I got some makeup goodies such as Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara which I've used quite a bit, I love it. I also received another Revlon Colorstay Foundation as I use this all the time. 
I got some lovely beauty boxes such as the Maybelline and Loreal ones. I don't own any of the products inside so I can't wait to use them. I don't own any Loreal beauty bits so I'm looking forward to using the eye products inside. 
I got some other bits like Montagne Jeunesse, Impulse and sleeprollers. A christmas wouldn't be a christmas without shower gels so I received vanilla and ice cream, Cranberry and cinnamon twist
Other bits include body shop, linen candles and a Kate Moss Nail Polish I won at work.
I also received the Yule Monty set from Soap and Glory.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Look New Releases

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Hello girls! New year, new clothes has become my new motto..
Recently, I've been popping into New Look a lot after work and things to see what they have to offer.. I always like New Look clothes as they're always so affordable and they fit all girls of all ages/sizes. Soon as I get paid I pop on the website to eye up things I might purchase in store. As you can see I've clicked the 'NEW IN' tab recently and I've ended up with an 'End Of Winter Wishlist'....

I like the New In things in New Look at the moment, they seem to have some light, pastel colours but still keeping in the greys/whites and blacks. I'm loving trousers and blazers at the moment and New Look have some brilliant ones to offer. I can imagine styling the bottom pieces all together for different outfit ideas. I think the bodypiece and trousers would go quite well with the cardigan over the top if you were looking for an inside outfit... obviously body pieces are better for the summer but I could imagine styling this one if you were wearing it in a warmer place - totally not the UK right now!

What do you think of these new bits and pieces?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Quick Tips For New Bloggers

Hello girls! I hope you're all having a good start to the new year.
Today I've decided to do a short post on tips for new bloggers. I'm not a new blogger anymore - this year marks 2 years of blogging goodness and even though I've been here two years there's still so many more things I need to learn and achieve. 
I'm not by any means a pro - this isn't a post saying things that I personally do but a post on things I might look for in a blog or just general tips for blog upkeep. 
When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing - I just started and learned from there.. I did take inspiration from other blogs and grew from there so I didn't necassarily 'copy' someone's blog, I just took a few hints and tips to make my blog into what it is today. I hope these small tips help anyone in their idea for a new year hobby.

Make sure you're 100% sure on a blog title I must admit, I started out with another name. In the end I wasn't happy with it so I did change it very early on into something more catchy and something that people would remember more - if you do think of a blog title and want to change it for whatever reason please make sure you're in the early stages of blogging or you do a post prior to changing so you know that people following your blog will be able to stay with you. Nothing worse than getting confused is there ladies!

Make sure you create a blog header/logo that is recognisable Same as above really, make sure you have something that is unique, maybe a bit eyecatching and well designed... I'm not a pro at web design or anything like that, my blog's still a bit of a mess but what I always make sure to do is use fonts that are fancy but readable... use a nice, big font and always remember to make it quite large.. nothing worse than squinting!

Keep to a simple blog theme I don't think there's anything worse than popping onto a blog that has really good content but there's so many colours used. Red font, green background, neon yellow pictures... it's eyecatching - yes! But in all the wrong ways. I always like to stick to soft, pastel colours such as my baby pink theme. On other people's blogs I have seen soft purples which look pretty or even soft blues.. do whatever works for you but there's no need for a multicolour blog!

Make sure photo's are clear This is such a basic one. I don't have the BEST pictures but I'd like to think you girls can see what I'm talking about. I don't have the biggest or best camera, even an iPhone would work if you set things out nice with a basic background.

Make sure you're unique YOUR blog is YOUR own creation - obviously do tags and favourites and the typical posts but every now and then think of original ideas that you can't find on other blogs... I'm sure this will attract more readers and find more people interested in your content.

Make your blog content easy to find Use search bars, use links, use prices, use navigation down the side, blog buttons etc... so many things can be used where people can find what they want to find on your blog. Nothing worse than scrolling ladies!

Use social media Share your blog with other people. Be proud, show it off! Use things like Bloglovin for extra readers, Twitter to keep everyone updated, Facebook if you wanted something extra, Beautylish to share your blog with other bloggers... there are so many things out there to keep everyone updated. My favourite has to be Twitter for the #bbloggers chat on Wednesdays/Sundays - of which I need to actually join again now as it's the new year!

There's many more but for now, I hope these help..
What things do you use to keep your blog updated?
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