Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I saw these get posted on the MUA Facebook Page earlier this afternoon and fell in love straight away! They're in stores from July 3rd and will be £3 each. I already know which ones ill be purchasing.. them all! 
I like the darker colors a lot more, but, Tribe will be good for a vibrant look and is a different edition to the gel eyeliner range.
I have a few Gel Eyeliners and I love them! Underground will be a more used Eyeliner, for me, because I like the original black look more than using a colored eyeliner.
Fairgorund & On Move will be good Eyeliners for smoky eyes and for a light daytime look or added more for a strong nighttime look.
I like the packaging too, simple and basic and looks a little like a liquid eyeliner.
I dont know where the brush is stored, because I dont have this product yet, but, I think its stored  where the top part comes off to see the eyeliner.
I think for £3 you do get a lot of product so.. yeah I cant wait to try this product!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

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