Friday, 29 June 2012

Okay so about.. 2 weeks ago I did this look.
I wasnt going out or anything, just sampling some makeup I have that I didnt even know I had! ..sorting out!
I want to just tell you, if you like this, how I created them. 
'Red Lipliner Lips'.
I saw this on a YouTube video before.. about two years ago. I was looking through my makeup and spotted a red lipliner I havent used in AGES and it created this look well.
So, instead of going on, Ill explain how it was created. I might even do a YouTube video on this too.. maybe.

  • I got my red lipliner (Just a plain red, nothing dark, nothing pale), and pouted my lips so the Cupids Bow was even more visible. I have very 'pouty' lips anyway, as you can see, Im not even pouting here, this is just the natural shape of my lips. I made the cupids bow more visible and lined my lips with the lipliner. 
  • Try and do the line quite thick, this is what I did. 
  • Then, you'll start to see a red outline with your normal lip. 
  • After this, get a lipstick in the same sort of shade as your lipliner. This COULD be a little lighter than your lipstick, nothing darker though because you do need them to match.
  • After you have found a color nice enough, fill your lips in with this shade.
  • Coat your lips a lot, so do a lot of applying.
  • You might want to find a lipstick that is light and not really matte, MAC/Rimmel ones will be good for this.
  • The reason for this is, you're adding a lot of gloss on the top too..
  • Once you have filled your lips in, they will look like the first picture.
  • To get it like the second picture, which is what im trying to show, is to find a lipgloss a little darker than your lipstick that you just applied. 
  • Apply the gloss and there we go..
  • You SHOULD have a result like this! Just remember, all lip shapes are different so if you have very small lips, you wont have this exact pout look, but they will be a glossy red!
  • Its so simple, hope you all enjoyed this!
(I will be doing a YouTube video on this, on Monday, so I will tell you what products I used then)
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

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