Friday, 15 June 2012

MUA order;
MUA is a brand from a 'drugstore' or Beauty store in the UK and other parts of Europe i think, im not too sure what other countries sell MUA. I am really keen on MUA as I posted in my last post about their £1 nail polishes. I have a few products, not many, but enough to judge the company. 
They had an offer on back in May 'FB20000' which, they hit 20,000 likes on their Facebook page, so they were giving a free Immaculate palette away with ANY order. Obviously delivery was an extra charge, so i got Shade 1 nail polish and the free palette worth £8 and delivery. This came to £3.95. I was so excited because i had seen many blogs and YouTube vlogs saying it was a really good palette for -£10. I also was looking forward to the £1 nail polish because it was a shimmery blue one which, at the time, i didn't have. 1 week came and Me&Dad thought it was a bit late, but anytime soon. 2 days after the one week, I emailed them and asked if it would be here soon, they said if I am in the UK.. yes. So I waited and two weeks came, we contacted them again and they didn't do much apart from say, 'it'll be here soon'. After 3 weeks Dad thought it was a bit weird so we emailed again and they said they would send another out seeing as its been 3 weeks and we haven't received it.  It didn't come either, so at 4 1/2 weeks we contacted again. They asked for the # of delivery, so I had to look waaaay back through my emails just to find it. I didn't get an answer. 5 weeks came and i asked, they said they cannot do anymore than this so they shall refund my money. 7 weeks has come, we haven't had our order OR refund so we have lost out on £4. Not a big amount of money but it still shouldn't happen. Another thing that annoyed me was they take ages to reply and the person who sends the emails out cant spell to save his life so it was a hassle trying to read it, also, they don't work at weekends. I'm really not happy with MUA, so if anyone wants anything, going to the shop is the best option!

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