Monday, 25 June 2012

My favourite Summer Nail Polishes. 
(On my arm from L-R).

  • Nails Inc London. Atomic by Fabulous magazine. I didnt buy this but its around £11 to buy. I think you can get this in Boots. 41 South Molton Street is the supplier so its a good London brand. visit for more shades. I like this because its very thick and has a basic summer shade. Its a bright orange shade, and takes about 5 days to chip. Looks good on short or long nails as me & mum have tried it, she has long, I have short. The only thing I dont like, is its very gloopy and sometimes gets on your skin around your cuticle and top of the nail, some nail polishes dont do this. I like the fact its £11 but its a big bottle, so its good value. 
  • Nail Paint by Barry M. This costs £2.99 which is amazing value! And, as you probably dont know, Barry M is my favourite Nail Polish brand. This is 272 - Shocking Pink. I like this because its very simple and can go with any outfit. Looks amazing on Toe Nails too! I have quite a few 'Hot Pink' colors, but this ones a lighter shade, as you can tell from the picture. Most ones I have are more red toned than pink. This isnt gloopy and takes quite a while to chip. It also applied to my nails perfectly and doesnt go on the skin. Amazing for summer!
  • NYC (New York Color) Expert Last Nail Color. 105 Lights-Camera-Glitter. This isnt really a Nail Color, its more of a Nail Art I suppose. I apply this on top of nails and it looks perfect for summer, its glittery and glitzy and sparkles when the sun (finally) comes out in England! I like this because, unlike the other glitter polish I have, it has big sequin style particles in it, which adds more design, rather than little pieces of glitter. This goes on well too and really protects the nail polish, stopping it chip, as it has a clear nail polish base in it. I really like this, and, it was only £1.97!
  • Next Nail Polish is Barry M Silver Glitter 149. As I said ^ this doesnt have big particles in it, its just a simple glittery polish. Its really hard to take off as its so thick, but looks really pretty on and protects the Nail Polish. You need about, 2-3 coats depending on how glittery you want it. All round, perfect for summer!
  • This one, you may not have heard of. Its called Kiko Makeup Milano. Ive seen a few pictures on Tumblr of this product, but, I didnt hear of it before i went to Westfields. You can visit there website here -;jsessionid=AUY2qeMlXTiVUg+EKgLIPQ__.jboss7  - if you want to see any more shades, its excellent! It cost £2.50, so a perfect price for a good polish! Its very thick and you need 2 coats depending on how pigmented you want it. Its better for short nails or medium length, if not, 2 coats for long nails. Its a light blue and obviously a good shade for summer. It doesnt chip till around 5 days time. I really like this and glad I spotted it! It doesnt have a shade name, but its shade 341.
  • Another Barry M one! This one is like Nails Inc Atomic but much brighter. The Nails Inc is more Coral colored than this one. Funnily enough, its called Coral, 296. Like I said about the Shocking Pink color, its a good summer brand, the same applies.
  • Next one is No7 Stay Perfect Nail color. Pink Grapefruit 80 is the shade. I like the color as its a reddy-pink and its quite dark. But, I dont like the Nail Polish its self. Its very thick and the brush is too long. Its very gloopy and goes on my skin. Its not one of my favourite Summer Nail polishes, but the shade is. Its good for long nails, so it might suit you better.
  • MUA nail polish shade 9. I love this, as you all know, if you watch my YouTube. I think this is very good for on the go people or just a top up. I like the shade and its good for short nails. For long nails you need to add a few coats. Its not gloopy or thick its just the right consistency. I really like it, good for a pound too!
  • This one, is my fave nail polish of my collection! Its a pastel color, even better for summer, its one of the trends! Its Barry M, so the same applies to what I said about the others. Berry 308 is the shade. Its lovely and thick, which I like for this shade, I wanted this shade because I saw it on the Cher Lloyd UK - Want You Back video! Haha!
  • This next one is a green/mint pastel color. I like this, the same as the Lilac one above. Its another pastel type color. Its called 304 Mint Green. The only problem with this is.. 2 coats goes REALLY gloopy & thick, but my nails are short so one is enough.
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Plus. This was my mums from about 5 years ago. Theres still a bit in it, I dont really use it but the color is so pretty. Its a candy Pink color but I dont think you can buy it from shops anymore. Sometimes, this goes gloopy if you apply two coats but I suppose it depends how you apply it. The brush is like the No7 brushes, they're really long which I dont really like but I love the color so its a dilemma!
  • NYC (New York Color) I love this! Ive already reviewed it, so you all know what I think. Its 298 High Line Green.
  • Natural Collection Antique Coral. When I got this, Coral was really on trend. I didnt have a Coral at the time, and I really liked this one. Its a pastel type Coral color, so it would be good to wear this summer as its on trend. It doesnt go gloopy or thick, its a perfect size brush too. £1.98..perfect!
  • Nails Inc OMP by Fabulous. Like I said for the first review, stays the same for this. Its perfect for toes and mum likes it too! Probably wouldnt have bought this from a store, so it was good I got it free.
  • Next is, Natural Collection. The shade number/name has been rubbed off, but its a shimmery lilac color. I have the Lilac eyeshadow color to match too! Like the coral color, I loved this too! Shame I spilt most of it and its nearly all gone! I love the shimmery shade to it, perfect for summer!
  • This one is the last, but also one of my favourite Nail Polishes of my collection! Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish - Sunshine 280. Its yellow but so matte and really bright. I have this on my toes right now ( picture coming soon). Its very thick but good for short/long nails. Perfect summer shade!
I hope you all liked this post.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

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