Friday, 22 June 2012

So, as you all know I was in town this week and I did have a £10 credit voucher for New Look, seeing as I took something for £10 back before because it didn't fit. 
I was looking round the shop and didn't see much that I liked. I wanted some nude heels but needed some more leg-wear more than shoes.
I wanted these Crotchet Shorts for ages and when I saw them in the store I was so happy! I went to try them on and they fit perfectly.
We bought them and were £19.99. 
I got them home and tried them on to see what top went with them or whatever.
I tried doing the zip up at the side and it wouldn't zip. The zip appeared to be really stiff and seemed like it would break any minute. So, yesterday, we took them back.
They're so pretty and I recommend anyone to buy them, just make sure 100% that the zip is loose and easy to do. Maybe these were a bad batch and in your stores they will be looser, but its a shame that mine weren't. They have lovely lacy design and loose for summer and would go with pretty much anything like a blouse or chiffon shirt, but unfortunately, they weren't very practical.
I did take them back and got a few things with another £20 credit note. I will put these in another post tomorrow. Really happy with what I got!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

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