Friday, 29 June 2012

If you watch my YouTube videos, you will know that last Wednesday/Thursday, I went shopping. I didnt get LOADS, I just got a few little sale things, and things I liked.
I thought I'd share them all with you, seeing as I did on my YouTube.
I lost one of the things when I took this - a Nude color vest top - I have now found it, so I will post a picture tomorrow. 
So, in picture 1, you can see all the products I bought, the NYC Nail Polish & Eyebrow Pencil you already know so I wont review them again, its just boring.
Picture 2 being the price tags, thought this would look good on the picture so I added them in, nothing special.
Picture 3 being, the Bangle I got. I love this! Its quite different to the Bangles or Bracelets I already have, so I picked this up from New Look on a sale shelf. I thought it would be more than £0.50p on the sale, but it wasnt, 50p for sure! I love the design, the fact its Duck Egg Blue/ Pastel Blue, with a gold, brassy type color patterned on. Its not a small, detailed pattern, just a swirly shape all round. Inside is a brassy gold shade, no pattern here. It fits well and goes well with the skirt. 
Picture 4, as I just mentioned, the skirt. I actually love this, in the picture it doesnt look very good, but, skirts are really in trend at the minute. This is a  chiffon type material, if you know what chiffon is, its like them very loose shirts that are in trend at the minute. Its very thin and loose for hot weather, it has an elastic waist so it fits me perfectly. Its a polka dot pattern as you can see. It caught my eye in New Look and was £14.99. It goes well with the vest I got and a nude blazer that I have. Ill be wearing this for London! 
Picture 5, you should know if you read/watched my review of them, if not -
Picture 6, I love these! So, so different to what I usually wear or buy. These are actually so light its unbelievable! I thought they would be very heavy, but they're not. They have a beaded type design to them and are a gold & black & white color. I think they'd go with a maxi dress of the same shade and would look nice for summer too. Not much to say on these, I havent tried them on! £0.50p.
Picture 7, I LOVE these so much! So different to what I usually buy too. They're a gold color (I see a theme?!) with a little diamante in the center. I think they're floral design, I dont actually know. They're really heavy but look so pretty in and would go well with the skirt. Perfect for summer aswell, which is good if the sun decides to say hello! Amazing for £0.50p!
Hope you all enjoyed this mini haul, im sure i'll have a lot more goodies to haul on Monday, after London, too!
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx

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