Thursday, 21 June 2012

So, I was in town yesterday and decided to get this months summery edition of Boots magazine. This is £1 or free with your boots advantage card, which I have. I wasn't too keen on this edition as it was full of tanning tips, tanning adverts and things, I don't really tan so I didn't really read this months edition, but ill review it anyway to keep you all updated. It obviously had the usual pages of offers and things, which im going to do another post on, telling you what offers are in this months edition, as it could help some of you out if you don't get this magazine but want to get it because there's an offer inside that involves you.
So, there was the usual page of 'Advantage Card Points' I like this, because I like getting points with my product, and seeing the product with the point either reminds me to buy it, or I buy it anyway because of the points! Good promoting Boots!
They also had 'Get The Cover Look' on the first page, this was good as it said 'Create Sexy Tousled Waves' as you can see, the woman in the cover photo has these and I was really keen. 
And then on page 15, is 5 Top Fathers Day gifts, I think this was helpful, but not very good for me because my dad isn't keen on things like this!
This edition was very seasonal including things like the Jubilee, Bank Holiday etc. 
It also mentioned the 60s bob, which also reminded me of how much people have this hairstyle, not knowing its from the 60s!
It also had an 'Inspirations' page, this included people like Nicola Roberts, Torvill & Dean and Colin Jackson.
It had pages for Cellulite problems, tanning queries and all things summer.
This edition was okay, but not really interesting for me.
Lots of Love, Zofia xxx


  1. Wow, what a gret deal! :)

  2. Thankyou for your comment.
    I love your blog.
    Zofia xxx


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