Wednesday, 5 September 2012

MUA Wishlist - September 2O12.

MUA Wishlist - September 2O12.

So I thought I would post my MUA wishlist for September as I dont ever do this and have seen a few blogs do this recently and it seems like a good idea to let you guys know what products im on the lookout for and  will pick up over the coming weeks. Im trying to find a saturday job as im only 15 and really need so much more money to spend. The wallet of mum&dad is running dry! (im only messing).

  • So im going to start with the MUA Professional trio. This one i especially want because you can do alot of things with these trio's and this one especially. This one is good for smoky eye or just a normal autumn look. You can create a lot of looks with this because its light&dark so you can do day and night looks. Ive seen a lot of reviews and it looks pretty on.. so.. I might buy this soon. I think this one is called Innocence. For £2.50 you really, really..cannot go wrong!
  • Next one, the MUA blushers. Ive seen mixed reviews. I need to buy a simple blush soon as mine arnt that good and I need a revamp in my collection. I want to try some MUA blushers because the shades look pretty, but, many people have said they dont appear well etc. Ill have to test for myself! They look very small, they are £1 so this is probably why. 
  • Next! The MUA bronzers. OMG! The design of the bronzer is so good! I expected to see just a brown bronzer pan when they said they were bringing out bronzers, but Im made up! Its a good design and is really tempting to buy. I think this will add a nice glow and contour. I havent seen any reviews on this as im just going to buy it and judge for myself. I love bronzer at any time of the year.
  • I need this next one! It got announced today and I was OMG'ing for about 30 minutes hahaha! A lot of people have been requesting this on Facebook&Twitter.. now they've created one! Its a brow palette and I need one of these. My brows are boring and theres no shape to my face. I was actually going to ask mum to buy me a HD brows palette the other day.. and now for only £3.50 MUA have created one! I dont know when this is out in shops but you can have a look on Facebook. I hope this lives up to expectation because it looks good.. but will it create the perfect brow? Ill be the first to buy!
  • Next one that got announced today and I OMG'ed about is the 'Nail Constellations' these look amazing! Im going to buy all of these as they're all so cheap and they look amazing to apply! Pretty NOTW here I come!
  • Last one is the Intense Kisses glosses. These shades look pretty and im tempted to try the pink ones a lot. These are only £2. 
So I hope you enjoyed this.
Who else wants any of these?
..might do a shop soon!;-)
Lots of love..

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