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A Few Gifts For Mothers Day!

mothers day (blog post)

Hello everyone!

I wasn't meant to blog today, but I've decided to throw a cheeky blog post in, seeing as it's an 'event' type post and so it doesn't matter that I've bugged you all 3 days in a row! 

It's Mothers Day this Sunday and - if you're like me - you still haven't gone racing through the shopping center looking and chocolates, flowers and perfumes..let alone buy anything! Fear not, because tomorrow is Friday meaning it's the weekend.. you still have time!

I think Mothers Day is such a personal day. Many gifts include flowers, chocolates, photo's, bath things, perfumes and makeup. The typical womanly items. To pick a gift for someone is incredibly hard as it is, unless your relative knows you're a beauty blogger and wouldn't mind anything off a beauty counter OR you have an xbox/playstation loving guy in the house! 

I don't know what I'll be buying for my mum, but I never go for the typical stuff. My mum isn't a chocolate eater, if so, she'll nick a bit of mine.. but she won't race to the shop to get a bar! Mum's not too keen on perfumes and it's not something she collects..although I do know she loves the Body Shop's 'Musk' perfume - it's her signature scent! - but, I got her that for Christmas..
We also share the large quantity of overloading makeup together anyway, so it'd be pointless in getting her a red lippy or some beauty bits, because we have enough.

BUT, if your really, really, really stuck for ideas - fear not! - I attempted scouring the web to find you all some lovely presents to give to your mum on Mothers Day!

NEXT | Gift Box | £30
I know. It seems very pricey!
I love the thought of this, it's pre-made I know.. but, it's a nice touch. It includes Rose wine, flowers and gift cards. I know you can pick these all up in single items for a tiny less of the price, but I think that because it's quite near the day, to get these delivered would be nice.

Sanctury | Escape & Unwind Collection | £20.50
As you all know, I love Sanctury! I loved the idea of this gift set because it's really worth it and you can even give your mum the 2,500 Boots points to spend on herself after, haha!
This collection seemed quite womanly and mature. Every mum likes to unwind and I think Sanctury products are really good quality and totally worth it. This is definitely something I recommend.

Personalized Heart Trinket Box | 
I've never used this website before and I've only just come across it. I love the idea of easily finding a gift that gives you a decent amount of choices. This is a website that I'll definitely use in the future and a website that is SUCH a big help!
I came across a personalized heart trinket box which I suppose isn't a typical kinda gift. It's more personal and more thought has gone into it. I love the idea of this and I suppose if you have any trinkets that have been passed down in the family - maybe from your mums mum - that means a lot, you could pop trinkets in here like jewelerry, photo's etc that mean a lot.. so it's more of a personal keepsake and something she can keep forever. More of a memory. You can check out more gifts for mothers day using this link if you wanted -|Mothers%20Day%20Broad%20%26%20Phrase-_-1_mother's%20day%20gifts-_-Broad&gclid=CPPV7tLV5LUCFUTItAodkUAAiw

Thorntons Personalized Chocolates 
This is a great personalized gift! If your mum is a total chocoholic then definitely purchase some! They're personalized so I suppose you could personalize them with 'i love you' or something a bit more different! I personally don't like to buy chocolates for mum because she doesn't like them, but also, because it's not much of a gift.. this is just my own opinion but I think it's something that can't be cherished, remembered and kept.. it's an everyday item!

Perfume is the hardest gift. Us bloggers find it HARD to describe a scent, let alone choose one for someone else! I spend about an hour in a perfume section of Boots smelling & testing perfumes WITHOUT buying so picking for someone else would be painful! haha.
Perfume is very personal and something you either hate or love. Finding someone else's signature scent is difficult because they could either love it or hate it. I think  if you got someone's scent wrong, it would go completely downhill.. partly because  perfumes can either be out there, subtle, girly, young, mature, womanly, masculine.. there are all different scents and although a perfume might smell pretty and it says 'Chanel' on the glass bottle, does not mean your mum will like it! If you do want to get her a perfume, maybe ask her what ones she likes.. ask her about her top 5 and then you're not giving the game away. Or maybe, use Boots points.. I know it sounds daft but if you pick her up the Sanctury set for example, you could go perfume shopping with her to let her decide after. Just make sure you pick the right one! Many Jo Malone perfumes are suitable, I think, so you could go with that.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I gave you a small idea of things you could get last minute. Sorry it might have been a bit Cliche but I can't even think of what to get for my mum ahaha! 
I hope you and your mum all have a brilliant day together and don't argue as much as me & mine do! Happy mothers day to all!

Lots of love!
Zofia x


  1. Not cliché at all Zofia, they're just want mums want I think! I love the look of the Sanctuary gift set, I just wish it wasn't so expensive!
    Kerry | Kerralina x
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway if you wanted to take a peek!

  2. My mum's totally different then haha!
    The sanctury set looks so nice! love their items x

    I'll follow you!:)


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