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Christmas Gift Guide!

Christmas Gift Guide!
 Essie Winter Collection |  OPI Skyfall Collection | New Look Cake Stand | Lush Snow Fairy | Lady gaga; Fame | Naked Palette

Hey lovelies

So its that time of the year again! Hot water bottles, rain, snow, frost, ice, Christmas movies, Elf, Presents, Busy streets.. the list is endless but thats what makes Christmas so special! We all complain about doing 'the Christmas shop' but really, on the 25th when we see our loved ones open their presents and receive something that they've been wanting all year or have seen many adverts about, we all do cartwheels and jump for joy inside, because it makes the day special by giving, not just receiving. 
The only problem we all sometimes make.. giving someone something that they don't want, or do not have an interest in.. Obviously because this is a Beauty/Food/Lifestyle blog these are beauty gifts, so before these inspire you to go out and spend,spend,spend, make sure that the person receiving these actually has an interest in the products listed! 
Later this month I will be doing 'Christmas week' full of Christmassy things, just like I did with Halloween week. I decided to do this early, just because people are shopping quite early this year and I just thought this would be a better time to do it, than a week before Christmas.
So, without further ado, I will sh and get on with it!

Essie Winter Collection | £9.95 | ASOS
I spotted this and thought it was a great gift! Slightly under £10.. just! Which makes it a great gift for a friend or for a stocking filler. It's also a great gift for people that are unsure of what they want or if you're unsure of what shades and brands they like. Personally, I have never tried Essie but, I am trying some soon for Christmas! I didnt put this on my Christmas list *why* but I will do now! I think its just perfect for the people I listed above and think its great for this season; as its Winter!

OPI Skyfall Mini's Collection | £13 | John Lewis
I put OPI on my Christmas list, not these mini's collection but just one of the Skyfall's. I'll be doing a haul & review so dont worry!
I have never tried OPI, I dont think they're sooo overpriced, I just havent managed to purchase one yet. But, I think this is a great gift for the same reasons listed on the gift above. I think the product is great for beauty hoarders and people exactly like myself! It's also a great gift to have, being a collection, and something that is fairly new. The shades are also wintery too! Perfect for Christmas!

Cake Stand | £9.99 | New Look 
This is a slightly different present maybe? I have actually asked for this, both as a cake stand for all my pretty decorated after-Christmas cupcakes AND for my makeup storage! Its multi-use and very girly. I'm planning on storing my eyeshadows on this, as all of them are all over my makeup desk untidy. This is an excellent stocking filler for any age, even if you cant find something for Mum and she loves baking, or if you have a neice who bakes or a Sister that keeps makeup in the same way! Its multi-purpose and a pretty thing to have around the house! 

Snow Fairy | £3.50 | Lush
Perfect stocking filler! For my 'stocking fillers' I have these wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree, I call them my 'small presents' and I normally get two big presents to open too. I HAVE put this on my list this year, I've never tried it before so I cant comment on the scent but everyone writes great reviews about it, so I'm basing my decision on them! Obviously making sure the female you're buying it for uses bath things and shower gels etc, because if not, it wont be put to good use! It's great for the price and really adds a lovely touch and something nice to open. Its also from the Lush Christmas range and only comes out once a year, so get it while you can!

Lady Gaga; Fame | £49 | Lord &
This is another one that I havent tried but all reviews are good. Obviously check the reviews before buying but really and truthfully; I dont think you need to! It's a celebrity scent which some people are fussy about *personally, I LOVE celeb scents!* and I cant really see why, but people say this isnt like 'A celeb scent' its like a designer scent. The whole 'black perfume' really put me off at first but now I cant wait to try it, although its not on my Christmas list for this year!

Urban Decay; Naked Palette | £36 | Debenhams
Perfect reviews, shades for everyone, Urban Decay. Thats all I need to say! I don't have this palette and was debating whether to spend a whole £36 on it, I do want it but I don't really know whether to actually buy it. We all know its a good palette but I might just get the Undressed palette by MUA first.
This is a perfect gift because all the shades suit everyone. Nudes & Brows are versatile and suitable for any skin or hair color, its all about how strong or light the color is blended/ lip color. The naked palette is perfect for any teens or any adults in the family, just because its something anyone who loves makeup would be happy with opening. 

I really hope you enjoyed having a read of my gift guide, I might do 'Gift Guide 2' in a few days time, but I just thought I would do this one as I was having a bit of a scan about on the internet and thought it would be a great idea. I know I havent tried most of them, but I know a good gift when I see one! ;-)
My Blogmas Day 6 will be up in a minute too!

What do you all want for Christmas?
Are any on the list?


  1. Love your picks! xo

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  3. I love the OPI nailpolishes!
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  4. i love all the shades! cant wait to get my two for christmas! I followed your blog, would you like to follow back? x


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